Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 1 - Operation Grocery

Well.. here we go. I am going on a scavenger hunt to find delicious recipes to fix for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am SERIOUSLY not wanting to sacrifice taste in order to have a healthy meal. I am going on a diet of 1200 calories a day. I have a basic structure for this diet. It breaks down how much I can have for each meal.

For breakfast, I can have some fruit, some milk, a couple helpings of bread, and what they call "free food"

For lunch, I get some meat, couple helpings of bread, a fruit, some fat, and again some "free food"

I can have fruit for an afternoon snack. Obviously, since I'm not a huge fan of fruit, I'm going to work around all the fruit aspects of it.

Dinner is where it sounds AWESOME!! I can have 2 helpings of meat, some bread, veggies, fruit, a little fat, and, YOU GUESSED IT, "free food".

I can have an evening snack too! A bread and milk.

Along with that list, it gives me options I can have for each food group. There are LOTS of options in it. Now the issue is what am I going to fix that is BOTH healthy and delicious. I will be going to the grocery today, but first I have to figure out what meals I'm going to make.

Does anyone out there have delicious HEALTHY recipes?? Any and all would be GREAT!!

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